Play Bubble Shooter 2

The direct sequel of its predecessor, Bubble Shooter 2 takes you on a greater bubble-shooting frenzy for the PC. Before going any further, do know that if you want to play Bubble Shooter 2, you won’t have to spend anything to do so. This game is free to play online from an array of sites that host various online titles. As long as your computer supports Flash, you can play this whenever you want to. Of course, the only reason why you should be playing this sequel shouldn’t only be because it is for free. The game is also an awesome puzzle title that will make you spend tons of time on your computer.


Bubble Shooter 2 employs the same game play similar to the first version. On the other hand this sequel seems to be more challenging than the first one. In here, the game seems to never end. It is one continuous level where your objective is to get the highest score possible. Unlike its predecessor and other similar titles that have come before it, you do not have to complete multiple levels. In this release, more bubbles come down after you make a succession of shots. No matter how much you take out, there will always be more coming your way. Have fun!