Bubble Shooter Full Screen

If you have been playing the online version of Bubble Shooter for quite some time now, there is no need to expound on how awesome the game is. However, despite its awesomeness, there is still quite something lacking from it. What we are referring to is the disparity in size of the screen with your monitor. The classic version of the game has this appearance of being zoomed out, making shooting bubbles seem uncomfortable. Moreover, gamers that have eyesight problems may have a harder time playing the game because of how far the bubbles are. Now there is a version of the title that makes this small inconvenience disappear and that is through the full screen version, where everything is the same; only larger.

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So having just mentioned the improvement with this version, why would you even want to play this game in full screen mode? The answer is quite simple. It makes the gaming experience definitely better. If you’ve ever done or seen something in life, you would most likely say that bigger is better. For instance, which would you rather have, a teddy bear or a giant teddy bear? Of course you would choose the larger one. The same analogy applies with the large-screen version of Bubble Shooter. There are more benefits with this version than in the old one, which is what we will be discussing even further.

The very first benefit of the large version of Bubble Shooter is just precisely what the name suggests: full screen. This means that you won’t have a hard time trying to find bubbles that you can shoot. To make things even better, your aiming will definitely improve if you play this game as compared to the old one where everything seems so far away. Since this is larger, you will be able to aim better and not make any mistakes which are often critical in the game. Making a single mistake with a shot can have repercussions which can make you lose the entire session.

If you are worrying that there are things that have been changed in the game play, you have nothing to fear. The full screen version is exactly the same with the original, only the size has been changed. Do not expect this game to be any easier, too. More bubbles come down in this continuous game that will keep you at the edge of your seats wondering if the onslaught will ever end.

On a final note, this does not mean that you should not play the original version of Bubble Shooter at all. Some people prefer the screen of the original one, as they have maybe grown accustomed to it. The release of the full screen version only attempts to grab the demographic who are dissatisfied with the screen size of the original. This will then enable them to enjoy this game even more. So now, regardless of the screen size you prefer, there are two versions of Bubble Shooter that you can play online.