Bubble Shooter 3

There are a lot of bubble-shooting types of games that are available online. Since most of them are for free, plenty of gamers flock to the Internet in order to play these games. However, a lot of them also suck, for the choice of a less-than-better word. Only a few stand out which includes the Bubble Shooter series. In fact, the best one has already come out in the form of Bubble Shooter 3, which is the latest instalment of the popular online game series. This is perhaps one of the easiest as well as the most enjoyable type of bubble-shooting game ever. It combines all the best things about the genre and none of the parts that you hate a lot.

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This game is masterfully done. Being the third release stemming from the popular series, this is the best one by far. A lot of the concept still stays the same and the game employs the playing style of having to burst bubbles of a particular colour as well. However, some of the components have been changed for the better. This version of the online game has one mode you can play with and it is essentially the Arcade mode. As a shooter, your task is to shoot bubbles of a particular colour from below using literally an arrow to do so. There are five colours of them that you need to pop which are the following: red, blue, green, gold and sky blue. During the first couple of stages, only the first three colours listed will be available so you can get the hang of the game.

The following stages will then involve the next two colours and the number of bubbles increases as well as the distance that the colours are combined with. This means that as you progress with increasing levels, it will become harder for you to combine colours . To make things even more challenging, there is a counter that sounds off every time you make a succession of shots which will remind you that eventually, more bubbles will be coming down if you do not finish sooner.

Bubble Shooter 3

On the other hand, This great game has no time limit no matter how long you leave the game on. If you do not make a move, no bubbles will appear as the condition is not time-sensitive. As mentioned, bubbles only come down after you have made a certain number of moves. The further you get into the game, the faster the count becomes. Even after a few moves, more bubbles will appear so will have to make your shots count!

There is no background music  but it does not matter since what’s important is the actual game play itself. I came across many games in the past that had super-cool background music – but the gameplay was not fun at all.

In addition, the graphics are impressive and very appealing to all players. The game is available online for free through a number of host websites. This only means that you are not limited to only one website you can play the game on.